Cospe quality

Quality is at home with us!

Thank to our experience and know-how, we know how to support you in communication. Right investments, both in human resource and manufacturing machineries, coming with a wide range product solution, allow us to offer you a 360° service following in all project stages.


COSPE SAS was founded by Nuccio Orlando in 1989 and operates in the marketing and promotional communication field. COSPE, acronym for Promotional Service Coordination, starts business in a small room of an elegance palace of Milan.

It is ‘90s, golden years for marketing field and COSPE, even if small, works for important brands and needs soon to change location, moving to a bigger space in Sesto San Giovanni (near to Milan). Communication agencies are main clients and COSPE supports their marketing campaigns providing promotional products and expositors and gadgets.

The strong desire to follow the entire production process internally pushes COSPE to move to another location bigger enough to host production machinery. It is 2005 and COSPE is located in Baranzate (really close to the main exhibition center of Milan) in a space of 800 mq.

With the economic crisis of 2008, it begin a difficult period but willpower, perseverance, passion and determination of the people who work allow to overcome this period with great success.

Then, right investments, both human resource and manufacturing machinery, coming with the experience acquired through the years, allow COSPE to follow new manufacturing operations and enter tech market, increasing own client portfolio especially international.

In 2014, COSPE moves own showroom in Cologno Monzese (closed to Milan) in a new building more suitable for own production needs.

That is the right choice that brings COSPE in few time to increase its turnover and double its employees who cover important professional figures.

Now, COSPE is located in Via Cesare Battisti 168 in Cologno Monzese, in a space of 4000 mq. and looks to the future aware of difficulties and efforts happened and sure to achieve important goals.

30 years experience
internal production
customized projects
4000 m2 of space

Customizable product: one more reason to choose Cospe.

Since its foundation up to now, COSPE has got a big transformation in terms of products, clients and structure.

Thanks to continuous investment, coming with the experience acquired through the years, have been achieved coherent goals with its business policy and principles.

COSPE operates in the marketing and promotional communication field, offering and producing customized products both technological and not.

Flexibility, timeliness, creativity to devise and realize products, mostly on demand, are main points of strength.

All products are the result of an accurate design stage and management of the entire production process through the working of plastic, wood, metal and other materials.

All production stages are followed internally: from the sourcing and processing of materials to the creation of the final product. That is possible thanks to the investments done in terms of manufacturing machinery and human resource.


The first goal of COSPE is the satisfaction of client necessary to gain trust and establish solid partnership. For that reason COSPE shows a great ability in creating and offering original products and innovative solutions in a quick time, meeting client’s needs. It allowed to get many congratulation from clients.

Over time, COSPE has been able to adapt to change in the marketing field, offering not only traditional exposing devices (such as boxes, showcases, desk or ground-based exposing devices) but also innovative and interactive solution through the production of holographic structures, transparent screens, touch tables, technologic displayer, interactive consumer products and totems and other technologies.

Thanks to this flexibility COSPE reaches national and international market, creating important partnerships especially in Europe, Bahrain and USA.

These days, it is really important to keep up with changes, maintaining the quality of products and a professional service and COSPE is a right example.