Some of our main goals are client’s satisfaction and the punctuality. For this reason, we follow internally the entire production process, using appropriate machineries

CNC milling

We use numerical control milling machines with 2030×3200 mm that allow to process any type of sheet material. Thanks to the remote control system we can manage large orders without interrupting the processing cycle. With latest investment we include cutting machining operations on formats up to 4200×2090 mm.


Thanks to our LED UV printers we guarantee refined and very detailed prints and we can print a wide range of resolutions ranging from 360 to 2160 dpi. Print quality is high with an excellent level of adhesion and good resistance to abrasion. With latest machine, equipped with 9 heads, we can print formats up to 4050×2050 mm, adding the possibility to have glossy effect, embossed prints and texts with braille writing. With plotter printer we can create a wide range of shaped adhesives by printing and cutting material on the roll.


Very useful in prototyping stage, it allows to produce three-dimensional objects (even in scale) starting from a 3D digital model, which is produced with dedicated software and subsequently elaborated to be reproduced.

Laser cutting

Starting with DXF / DWG vector drawings, we can process methacrylate and wood sheets to create any type of shape, of different sizes and thicknesses, with glossy edges and precise finishes. Thanks to the high precision of our machines we can handle complex geometries with a remarkable production speed, reducing the traditional processing times. You can also create engravings of writing, logos and decorations with satin finish.


We pay attention to any details and get best result by polishing the edges in plexiglass and ensuring sharp edges such as to allow perfect gluing and perfectly planimetric surfaces. It is possible to work on material with a length of up to 3 meters, polishing with an angle from 0 ° to 45 °.


With multiple localized bilateral heating of thermoplastic sheets such as PMMA, PVC, PS we can bend your product without aesthetic or structural defects. We assure a localized and homogeneous heating on the piece and a good result of the fold placing the armored resistance between two profiles continuously cooled with water.


Our machines use an innovative methacrylate bonding technique that allows rapid gluing with high mechanical strength and free of bubbles and imperfections. Thanks to the photopolymerization, drying is quick, and our highly qualified and trained staff guarantees the delivery of products with extremely precise and aesthetically relevant glues.